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Workshop with Patrick Zachmann in Krakow

We are happy to announce a documentary photography workshop with Magnum photographer Patrick Zachmann in Krakow, Poland, May 2014. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the finest masters in the medium and shoot in a city district where the future embraces the past in a pivotal moment of transformation.

© Patrick Zachmann

A freelance photographer since 1976 and member of Magnum Photos since 1990, Patrick Zachmann has dedicated himself to long-term reportages that bring to light the complex identities and cultures of social groups and communities in various countries. He will now lead a workshop during which we will try to build a bigger picture of a very special place, one that is undergoing a rediscovery of its past and rebuilding its social identity.

When in 1993 Steven Spielberg shot Schindler’s List in Kraków, he was probably unaware what impact it would have on the further development of one particular district of the city. Since then, that film has brought international recognition to Kazimierz, a medieval quarter which was home to a vibrant Jewish community for more than five centuries. Tragically wounded during the Holocaust, then forgotten and neglected under a grim communist rule, it has since blossomed into new life. Bohemian artists set up their studios, new pubs, cafes, restaurants and hotels opened, people from all around the world poured in. The new residents, from all backgrounds and walks of life, whether Polish, Jewish, expats or immigrants, attracted by the past and multicultural heritage of the place have found a haven here for a more laid-back way of life. What still seemed nigh on impossible just a decade ago, now has a huge chance of happening again – Kazimierz, a living home to many cultures, is about to reborn anew.

If Poland is a country in civilizational change, Kazimierz is one of the best visual signifiers of this transition.


The workshop is aimed at photographers, both professionals and advanced amateurs, interested in improving their documentary, narrative and storytelling skills along with mastering their own visual language.

Participants will be encouraged to cover a photographic story in Krakow, preferably in the Kazimierz district or its immediate surroundings. They will suggest their own ideas for projects or choose one from a list of possible topics we will have prepared. We will help gain access to places, people and institutions of interest in order to maximize the possibility for shooting. We will consult with participants regarding preparation before the workshop starts.

During the 5 day stay in Krakow, participants will combine individual shooting with attending Patrick Zachmann’s lectures on his own work and photography, problems regarding the shooting process, and portfolio reviews with critical comments.

The official partner of the workshop is the Jewish Community Centre in Krakow, which will provide the working space and support for participants keen to cover topics related to Jewish community life.

The workshop is a partner event of Stanley Kubrick w Krakowie, the first exhibition in the world about the life and work of film director Stanley Kubrick, which will be shown at National Museum in Krakow, from 4 May to 14 September 2014.

Production of all the prints during the workshop was made possible by TECCO and Centrum Papieru.


Opening masterclass lecture by Patrick Zachmann, introduction to the history and characteristics of the Kazimierz district, participants’ portfolio reviews and introduction to selected topics (projects definition).
Day 2 and 3:
Masterclass lectures by Patrick Zachmann (selected topics), individual shooting sessions, daily critique and editing sessions.
Day 4:
Individual shooting sessions, daily critique and editing sessions, selecting photographs for the next day “pop-up” exhibition at JCC.
Day 5:
Final individual shooting sessions, final critique and portfolio editing, open lecture by Patrick Zachmann, exhibition at JCC, goodbye meeting.


Date: 18 – 22 May 2014 (5 days)
Place: Kraków, Poland (workshop venue: JCC Krakow, 24 Miodowa Str)
Workshop is limited to 12 participants.
Teaching language: English

Participants make their own arrangements regarding travel and accommodation; however, we are able to provide a list of possible accommodation options to confirmed candidates. Especially for our participants, Momotown hostel and apartments offers 25% discount.

Applications (including your personal statement and portfolio of 10 photographs) will be presented to Patrick Zachmann for acceptance and will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

For all inquiries regarding the workshop, please contact:

Patrick Zachmann (b. 1955 in France)

After documenting the Naples police and mafia (published in book form: Madonna!, 1983) and exploring the lives of immigrant teenagers in the north of Marseilles, Patrick photographed anonymous French Jews. These images functioned as a mirror for questions on his own family story and roots – things which had been hidden from him. After a seven-year-long quest for his own identity and truth he published his second book: Inquest of identity; A French Jew in search of his memory (1987), which was awarded the prestigious Prix Niépce in 1989. During the next six years, Zachmann pursued an in-depth work on the Chinese diaspora in different parts of the world. This resulted in the publication of W. or the eye of a long-nose in 1995, which was roundly hailed by critics. The book was accompanied by an exhibition that traveled to ten countries in Asia and Europe. Between 1996 and 1998, Patrick Zachmann directed the short film The memory of my father, followed by his first feature-length film Back and Forth. Diary of a photographer, which is about the disappearance of traces of memory, especially in Chile. In 2006, Zachmann started working on a new project in China titled Chinese Confusions, almost simultaneously while exploring the topics of immigration and life in the suburbs of France. Currently, Patrick Zachmann is working on a project covering illegal immigration in Europe, which has already resulted in a book and a movie: Mare Mater. Magnum Photos profile.