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Documentary Photography Workshop in Kolkata India 2015 - Workshopx Documentary Photography Workshops Photojournalism

Workshop in Kolkata – December 2015

Why Kolkata? Because it’s a city of greatest intensity and extreme opposites. A place where an American embassy sits on a street named after Ho Chi Minh and fading graffiti of hammer and sickle jostle for space between billboards selling neon fantasy. It’s the proud cultural capital of the country, trying to balance its crumbling colonial heritage as the erstwhile nest of the British Raj and kick-start its development after a limbo of 34-year-old communist rule, the longest ever democratically elected one.

Kolkata is an assault on your senses. For many, a serious challenge. After this intensive week of shooting, on-the-ground researching and photo editing you will be well-equipped for your future field work and ready to handle most of the ever-changing situations and difficulties that photographers come across when working on a project. But be prepared for much more, for Kolkata is not just a city but also an experience that can change the way you see the whole world.


Date: 6 – 12 December 2015
Place: Kolkata, India
Number of participants: 6 – 10

Applications closed.

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