Kosovo and Metohija, a land long disputed by the Serbian and Albanian Kosovans.

In the city of Bangkok, the ongoing surge of asylum ­seekers has increased significantly in the last few years.

Young generation of Roma people who live at the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain.

“At some point I realized that death and emptiness pervade my series. Probably, this is what this project is really about.”

“In the fall of 2009 I left for Pakistan to start a project around acid and kerosene oil burn survivors.”

A house-shelter for young transgender sex workers in the middle of Jakarta’s business district.

Eighteen of the remaining celibate followers of Father Reverend Jealous Divine still live at estate outside of Philadelphia.

Our place of residence determines if we are fully human in the eyes of the society.

With vast, newly discovered gold riches, Mongolia is at a crossroads.

An urban exodus of the Egyptian upper classes.

Our connection to our homes and to the people in our lives profoundly defines us.