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Small group workshop with Jason Eskenazi

Small Group workshop with Jason Eskenazi in Istanbul - Workshopx Documentary Photography Workshops Photojournalism


Strengthen your visual language and learn how to compose stories that express your vision in the most powerful way. Under the guidance of the acclaimed visual storyteller.

Your photography project is your biography found as metaphor in the subject matter. During this workshop we will search out the emotional resonances of your story and put it on the right road. We’ll research what makes a photo well seen. We will look into how your subject matter determines the treatment and design of the form it is going to be shown in. We will gain insight from other art forms and won’t hesitate to include them in your narrative. Jason Eskenazi

This small group workshop is designed for photographers who work on long-term documentary or personal projects and who consider future book publication.


Date: 18 – 22 October 2017 (5 days)
Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Number of participants: 2 – 4
Tuition: 1350 EUR


Jason Eskenazi - portrait photoJason Eskenazi is a New York-born documentary photographer based in Istanbul, Turkey.

His work has earned him numerous artistic grants and awards, among them: Fulbright Scholarship, Guggenheim Fellowship, The Dorothea Lange/Paul Taylor Prize and The Alicia Patterson Foundation Grant. His photographs have appeared in magazines including Time, Newsweek and The New York Times. Jason also worked with the Open Society Foundations.

In 1991 he began over a decade long journey through the collapsing Soviet Union and then the Russian Federation. It resulted in publishing his most recognizable work, a photography book project titled Wonderland: A Fairy Tale of the Soviet Monolith. It has been exhibited in the most prestigious galleries and won Best Photography Book 2008 by Pictures of the Year International.

At the end of that period, in collaboration with Valeri Nistratov, Jason also completed a large format portrait project called Title Nation that was dedicated to ordinary Russians and a book under the same title was published.

In 2004–2005 he organized a Kids with Cameras workshop in the old city of Jerusalem, teaching photography to Arab Muslim and Jewish children, whose photographs later toured many U.S. cities and were featured in the National Geographic magazine.

Jason has a rich history of editing art and photography related publications. Among others, he is a co-founded of Red Hook Editions, which empowers photographers in the making of their own books, and a co-creator of the eccentric photo fanzine titled Dog Food.

Since few years, Jason has been working on a new long-term project called Black Garden. Its aim is to understand the contemporary dilemmas of our global civilization by seeking modern equivalents to the ancient East/West dichotomy that has culturally shaped lands between and around the Mediterranean and the Black Sea basins.


The main goal of the workshop is to give you an opportunity to work in direct contact with Jason Eskenazi on your ongoing projects and enhance your narrative and storytelling skills. In an intimate atmosphere of a small group you will analyze, edit and sequence the photographs, finding the best final application for each story and considering the forms of publication.

You will work both on a computer/projector and a metal board, so you are expected to have at least one of your projects printed (small paper prints) and all the other work accessible in the electronic form.

In case your project (or its part) is located in Istanbul, you can photograph in the city and include your daily shoots in the editing and critique sessions.

Working in a group will give you an opportunity of receiving feedback from other participants and enhance your learning by observing and participating in the work of others.

The meetings will be supplemented by Jason’s lectures on his own work, the theory of visual storytelling and other selected aspects of the photographic process.

You will meet daily at Jason Eskenazi’s home studio which is located in Istanbul city center, ten minutes walk from the Taksim Square.


Vedran Perse, UK

I have participated in the workshop with Jason Eskenazi in Istanbul this June. I liked very much the format which was good mixture of Jason’s teaching on editing and sequencing but also open discussion of all things photography (and not only photography ) related. Jason is not prescriptive teacher and he was more pushing us in developing our own ideas than instilling his. As added bonus he introduced us to Istanbul photo community and to a very good local book printer. Although I did not come well prepared for the workshop because my work and my projects are not sufficiently developed & good enough to be serious endeavour I was still benefiting from participation in the workshop. Jason’s advice was to be more serious in my approach to photography but also to experiment with format, lenses, cameras, flash etc. And although I doubt that I will ever be idea / project preconceived photographer, thinking about the narrative when shooting is something I will apply in my work. And as a final note I see my self doing this again with Jason in few years time to see where I am then.


Application is made by e-mail: In the message subject please state “Jason Eskenazi workshop”.

Please include: full name and a link to your personal website (body of work). If you don’t have a website, please attach a zip file with 12-20 photographs (1000px wide jpg images) and a personal statement.

Applicants will be accepted on the basis of the quality of their portfolios.

By applying you agree to the workshop regulations.