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The week I spent with workshopx in Krakow was one of the most fantastic photographic experiences for me. The people from workshopx are very engaged and friendly, I immediately felt at home when I arrived. Magnum photographer Patrick Zachmann was a great teacher for me, and I not only had a good time in Poland, but I learned a lot for my documentary photography work.

Thank you very much workshopx!


Patrick Rohr, Switzerland / Netherlands



I spent a week in Thailand with Workshopx, and I can’t recommend the program enough. With mentor Alex Masi + the combined editing forces of Greg + Aleksander, the week was not only intense, highly critical, and pushed me out of my comfort zone — things we all absolutely need to improve and develop — but it was super fun, good-humored, supportive, and highly rewarding at the end of it all. I’m already finding the tips helpful for my own professional work. But above that, I look forward to learning more and seeing these guys again at a future session. THANKS SO MUCH, GUYS!


Connie Tsang, Canada



I can’t recommend Workshopx’ training highly enough. Somehow I imagined a “group” photography week, traipsing around Kolkata, taking photos and doing lots of talking with little individual attention or interaction. Wrong!
On attending the first afternoon of introductions to the team and work method, I was pleased to find that each participant was “married” up with their very own assistant for the entire week. The workshop was intensive with each of us concentrating on our chosen documentary subject. Each day, at a nominated time, you would return with the required photographs (set the day before) for discussion and editing by the teachers. At the end of the week the best images were selected and presented as a finished project to the participants, including the teachers and assistants. Greg Ostrega, Aleksander Bochenek, Chhandak Pradhan and Alex Masi, are all highly qualified photographers and journalists, with a great ability to impart their skills and knowledge. They were consistently providing constructive criticism, teaching different methods on how to approach your subject, making sure that one was acutely aware of taking great care with one’s backgrounds, advising on editing and post-production techniques etc. Being taught by some of the best photographers/journalists in the industry was a rich and worthwhile experience. I will most definitely be attending another Workshopx in the future.


Clare Wise de Wet, South Africa



Workshopx is incredibly intensive and you will have your commitment to creating excellent photography tested to its limits. Every image you bring to the daily critiques will be scrutinized to its last pixel by Aleks and Greg from both a technical and storytelling perspective. There are no excuses or free passes at Workshopx. And they don’t stop pushing you until you can categorically identify your own weaknesses and acknowledge the work you need to do after Workshopx is over. They also have award-winning pioneers in the field and exciting up-and-coming storytellers as guests to hammer all these points home during the artist talk evenings.

Workshopx is about learning to back up your love of photography with an armour of discipline and motivation, which I guess is what every aspiring photographer needs to come to terms with eventually. Thanks guys for the wonderful week and a lifetime of lessons.


Lillian Suwanrumpha (AFP/Getty Images), Thailand


The Kolkata workshop was a great experience. All about editing, breaking down a full days shoot to a few pictures. Getting down to the essence of your work, of your day. Greg and Alex encourage you to let go of your own sentiment and let the images speak for themselves, whether or not the photograph holds up to scrutiny. They allow time for “further consideration” too! Both are great guys and I hope to see them again.


Kristoff Capa, USA



I attended the last workshop in Kolkata in December 2014 with Greg, Alex, Chhandak and Alex Masi. Greg & Alex are very professional and create a strong dynamic that really motivates you to push your limits. The organization was perfect, from finding relevant fixers, one to one editing sessions, alongside with precious mentoring, tips and advises, all this in a wonderful environment for work, makes you grow very quickly in your journalistic approach and ability to build up strong visual storytelling. The atmosphere was really fun and friendly and after a week, I had the feelings of working with friends more than tutors. The participation of famous photographer (Alex Masi) that can share their experience and work is so helpful, interesting and motivating. All this creates an emulating environment that drives you to achieve high level of quality work. Expect a very intense week guys! Being mentored by 4 professional photographers brings you a lot of new perspectives! I really appreciated the sharp side of Greg and Alex that don’t hesitate to criticize extensively your work every night, allowing you to readjust the direction of your project and open your to new ideas and visuals. I would highly recommend this workshop to any photographers that want to take their work to a next level! I can’t wait to participate to the next one!


Alex Galon, Singapore



I attended the workshopx in Kraków Poland with Alex Masi to further develop my skills in documentary photography. Already from the first contact and the preparations before the start of the workshop it was clear to me that this is a very good workshop to attend. In the workshop there’s a strong focus on storytelling and the process of editing to improve the storyline you want to tell with your photography. In individual meetings with the staff – thanks Greg, Alek, Tomasz and Alex! – you get daily personal and constructive feedback about your photos and edits. An assistant helps you to organize meetings and where to go during the shooting (thanks Jakub!). The workshop helped me to better review and edit my own work and therefore become a better photographer. The week was very intense, professional organized and also great fun! Strongly recommended!


Rogier Boogaard, Netherlands



I went to Krakow, Poland to attend a week long documentary study with Alex Masi. From the first contact I had with the workshopx team online to the last day it was very well tuned and organized. Greg and Alek as well as Tomasz and Alex where great guides and generous with their time. I came all the way from India to Poland – a totally unknown environment for me – in order to learn and work. I felt at home very quickly thanks to the help of the mentors but also to the assistant they organized for me. Therefore I could concentrate on the subject of my work and my shooting the minute we started. Critics were good and constructive, daily reviews and guidance gave me the options to get all the inputs required and lead my documentary work to another level of understanding. For me what was important was the process more than the final result but both worked out better than I had expected. Allotted one to one time with the mentors made it a very strong and personalized week which has hiked my confidence level as a photographer as well as added a few friends to my photography family! I really recommend going ahead if you have plans to join any of workshopx training. For me their seriousness and focus, their passion for photography which I share were strong indicators that I’d learn from spending time in their company as well as reviewing my work with them.


Magali Couffon de Trevros, India



I just completed and individual workshop in Krakow. It was a unique (challenging and humbling) learning experience. While you spend half your time making images on your own, the other half is used to select the best one or two images out of the many contenders taken the previous day. In my case I did this with Aleksander Bochenek and Greg Ostrega, both skillful and experienced editors, and for me this was the most educational part of the program. We had lengthy, intense discussions about what makes a good strong meaningful image, particularly in the context of telling a story. I really feel that my skills on that crucial front were substantially upgraded by this workshop. Thank you!


France Leclerc, USA



For me the entire process of the workshop with Patrick Zachmann in Krakow was hugely beneficial. I would divide the main challenges into three separate parts: 1. The shooting challenge, whereby I had to go down into dark, garishly lit pubs and nightclubs in Krakow’s Old Town to cover the longest lasting and most popular Pub Crawl in town. 2. The editing challenge where Greg and Alexander go through each night’s output with a fine comb, sweeping aside any emotional attachment I might have to certain pictures for the greater good. 3. The sessions with Patrick Zachmann of Magnum Photos: here the initial challenge was to see whether he would recognize my abilities as a shooter and then help me build on those skills. Looking back, and not to minimize Patrick’s wise input and decades of experience at the top, for me the daily editing sessions were at the heart of the whole system. I cannot stress enough how important these intense sessions were. No efforts by Greg or Alex were spared in trying to improve my project and give it shape and direction. Not for one minute did I get the feeling that they would rather be someone else, such was their passion and laser-like focus.
Patrick Zachmann taught largely through the prism of his own work which, if you are a shooter in the classical stream of documentary photography, is hugely impressive. Just to be able to spend so much time in his company and receive frank encouragement from him was a huge shot in the arm.


Francis Harrison, Japan


That week in Krakow I have learned so much and took so many steps forward that I am still seeing my progress going on. There were so many crucial findings for me. What does it mean to photograph in color? Can you see color? I mean, can you really see it? Do you think you can do good vertical pictures? It’s absolutely more demanding than I thought! Do you have full control over your frame, including the edges? Are you concentrated enough while working at the location?

Learning from Patrick Zachmann made me think in a totally new way when I now try to tell a story trough my pictures.


Maurin Bisig, Switzerland


In July 2016, I had the opportunity to participate to the workshop `Kazimierz in transition` with Patrick Zachmann organized by the great team of Workshopx.

I highly recommend the workshop! From the beginning to the end it was very well orchestrated and the whole experience has been very enriching in many aspects. Being interested in story telling, I have been challenged and very well supported during the entire workshop. It has also been a fantastic human experience where I have met wonderful people. Particularly my subject “Armani” who is a lovely person and I am very thankful as it as not been easy for him to unveil his life and emotions!

Greg and Alex critics were always very constructive and it has been so inspiring to be mentored by Patrick Zachmann. I am looking forward to registering to an other workshop with Workshopx!


Christelle Flisch, Switzerland



It was a great experience to work with Aleksander Bochenek, Greg Ostrega, Chhandak Pradhan and Alex Masi in Kolkata. They are passionate about documentary photography and pushed all the students to take their projects further than they may have imagined possible. If you want to think about your photography in a much deeper way, put it in front of these guys! I’m glad that I did.

Thanks to all at Workshopx.


Ian Stewart, Canada



A great workshop! It gives the complete process and viewpoint in documentary photography. Not only the team is fantastic but also the variety of participants. Sharing the discussion is a very important input. It is an intensive experience and a quality training. A self awakening as well. Each night with special guest is another valuable part providing food for thoughts, as photography is not just taking photographs but also finding a meaning inside them.


Khem Chen, Thailand



I’ve attended numerous photography workshops, however, this one has been the one I’ve liked best. The tutors were constantly present, fully committed to it, without much ado, going straight to the core of the matter. I constantly felt that they wanted to completely focus on working with us. Also the arrangements and workshop itself were extremely professional and efficient.


Otto Meyerhoff, Germany



I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Unseen Krakow workshop and the experience exceeded my expectations. The attention my work received by the instructors was deep and intense, a thorough examination on a daily basis. Dedicated effort by the participant is richly rewarded in improved work, results I could see in my photographs. The workshop is perfect for anyone looking to get serious about their work and looking to improve their photographic process. Your standards will be raised through careful critique, editing and suggestions and you’ll emerge a better photographer.


James Talalay, USA


I was one of the first to attend their individual workshop in Krakow and from day one found it to be a great learning experience. Mind you, it is quite challenging and the editing process at the end of the day can be grueling, but the guys are excellent instructors as well as editors, teaching you how to analyze your own work as well as that of others, so you can seek to improve its quality, even without their further input. For me, that was the most valuable thing they could give me.


Sven Van Echelpoel, Belgium



I recently attended an individual workshop in Krakow. It was a fantastic, unforgettable experience, although an extremely intense one. I’ve learned more than i had ever expected – not only the new skills and the knowledge about documentary photography but especially how to approach people, cope with your subject and become a true photographer. Through this workshopx you will definitely grow more than you expect. I highly recommend it!! Thank you so much guys!!


Callie Eh, Malaysia


I participated in the workshop with Chien-Chi Chang in Kraków in June 2017 and had an excellent experience. The workshop was very well organised – quite a feat considering there were 7 participants, each with their own assignments and shooting schedules; the personal assistants were great and very helpful, and Chien-Chi Chang was amazing. A man with great drive and passion for photography, very calm, but also with a good sense of humour. A valuable introduction (for me) into documentary photography that has got me hooked: I want more!


Sandra Reeb-Gruber, Netherlands


ellen friedlander

Workshopx and Chien-Chi Chang over delivered! The attention to detail both creatively, emotionally and individually from all team members, Ela, all of the assistants, Alex and Greg, the Master Printer and Chien-Chi could not have been better.
Chien-Chi Chang shared all aspects of his creative process and then helped each of us find our own personal path to growth while we were in Krakow. For me, the experience was life changing. Thank you!


Ellen Friedlander, USA




I ran a workshop in Krakow with Workshopx twice and I am impressed by the seriousness of the team. The session is very well prepared, assigning each participant an assistant-translator-guide who already knows the subject and will help on the field.
I also appreciated the fact that Greg and Alek, the organizers, are doing a pre-editing session with the participants. It’s really saving time. I felt that the participants were very happy and positive after the workshops.
One more thing. When I was asked for the first time to conduct a workshop with them in Krakow, I gave one condition: to be provided with the famous polish cheesecake that I love ! To me, it was of course a joke. But as soon as I arrived, Greg, very seriously, brought two delicious cheesecakes!

Patrick Zachmann, Magnum Photos


Chien-Chi Chang

I give workshopx a five-star rating. Krakow workshop has been one of the most memorable experiences, with a fully committed, enthusiastic and professional team. I love the people and the city! The workshop students’ day-to-day performance has been impressive as well. I will surely encourage people to attend the following ones.


Chien-Chi Chang, Magnum Photos



We all take more photos now than ever. But how many of us stop to think about how they work and what photos do?
An intense photographic workshop is incredibly useful for those who want to take their photography to the next level. Not only does it speed up the learning process, but it can also introduce new ways of seeing the world. Workshopx have fine-tuned these courses to suit individual requirements ensuring participants produce exciting results.


Nic Dunlop, Panos Pictures



As a teacher, I collaborated with workshopx in Kolkata, India, in 2014 and in Krakow, Poland in 2015. In each case, it was an extremely inspiring week filled with constructive debates, long editing sessions and evaluation of images, projects, ideas and approaches to intimate storytelling.

Their workshops are very well focused, and set in a vibrant and friendly environment. The participants’ work is discussed at length before and after every day of shooting their chosen story. That enables them to better face challenges and push their limits, while also deepening and strengthening their professional practice and long-term artistic vision. The workshopx team carry out an exceptional work in shaping ideas together with the participants and arranging logistics and contacts. The process facilitates the experience of each student as they document unique topics mirroring real-life reportage assignments with a documentary photography / photojournalistic approach. I am now excited to teach workshopx individual courses in London. I look forward to share a lot of professional insights that I have learned over the course of the past ten years while working in numerous countries around the world.

Alex Masi