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Raphaela Rosella – We Met a Little Early, But I Get To Love You Longer

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When my teenage twin sister told me she was pregnant, I was angry; I called her a ‘slut’ and told her to get an abortion. I thought she could have a better life. But what is a better life? It was a path we were all expected to take. For many of my friends, becoming a parent young was not a failure of planning, but a tacit response to the choices and opportunities available to us.

We met a little early, but I get to love you longer documents women in my life; my twin, my stepsister, and new and old friends, as they grapple with the complexities of motherhood and the turbulent environments around them. Each experience has been rewarding, complex, and at times heartbreaking. By listening and telling the stories of others, we come to understand that there are no stereotypes and we stand as individuals.


Raphaela Rosella (1988) is an Australian visual-storyteller currently based in Brisbane, Australia. Primarily working as a community artist across communities facing recurring hardship, Raphaela uses visual storytelling as a device to question our readiness to stigmatise and to stereotype. Known for her work documenting the lived experience of several young women and their families, Raphaela continues to work on her long-term project exploring the complexities & cyclical nature of social disadvantage in Australia. In 2012 she joined Australian photography collective Oculi and is now represented throughout Europe by Agence Vu.

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