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Iveta Vaivode – Somewhere on Disappearing Path

© Iveta Vaivode

“My aunt Anna seemed so tiny when I first saw her couple of years ago. We were sitting in her old, wooden house and talking about her past and the past of my family. I knew that this little village where we met in the Eastern side of Latvia called Pilcene had a special role in the memories of my mother and grandmother since they both were born there. But I have never had this chance to visit it until recently when I decided to find the last traces of my family’s history here. I visited people that still would remember my grandmother asking if they would show me the location of her house that was burned more than 40 years ago. Together we found it. However it wasn’t the main purpose of this strange pilgrimage. Within time I returned to the houses of the same people over and over again till we created our own memories to share. These people of the village become my extended family and images you can see now serves nothing else than another tiny, but very important family album.” – Iveta Vaivode

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