Paweł Sasor – Bright Side of the Moon

Bright Side of the Moon / Georgian Young Generation is a multimedia presentation of the work completed during a Workshopx’s individual workshop with Justyna Mielnikiewicz in Tbilisi.

Photographs, sound recording, video and text descriptions by Paweł Sasor

Despite many historical and geopolitical obstacles, Georgia is now a quickly developing country on its way towards the NATO and the UE.

The Georgian young generation, locked in between all the clashing forces, finds its own path between tradition and modernity, adheres to Western values but does not forget about friendship and family, which have a special meaning in the Georgian culture. And they don’t lose optimism.

One-one-one workshop with Justyna Mielnikiewicz in Tbilisi

Paweł Sasor is a photographer mixing documentary and photojournalistic approaches in his work. He explores the social and psychological processes from personal point of view, both of his subjects and of his own, while trying to maintain a healthy degree of objectivity. He currently studies in the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic.