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Francis Harrison – Pub Crawl (Patrick Zachmann workshop in Krakow)

© Francis Harrison

Francis Harrison went all the way from Tokyo to Krakow to join our recent workshop with Magnum photographer Patrick Zachmann. For five long evenings and nights he photographed the twilight world of pub crawls or professionally organized drunk tours. Yes, this is what kind of things happen after dusk in Krakow. And thanks to the nice people from the coolest crawl pub operator in town Francis could have the best possible access: the one only an insider can get.

For me the entire process of the workshop was hugely beneficial. Patrick Zachmann taught largely through the prism of his own work which, if you are a shooter in the classical stream of documentary photography, is hugely impressive. Just to be able to spend so much time in his company and receive frank encouragement from him was a huge shot in the arm.

Looking back, and not to minimise Patrick’s wise input and decades of experience at the top, for me the daily editing sessions with the workshopx editors were at the heart of the whole system. I cannot stress enough how important these intense sessions were. No efforts by Grzegorz or Aleksander were spared in trying to improve my project and give it shape and direction. Not for one minute did I get the feeling that they would rather be somewhere else, such was their passion and laser-like focus.

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