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David Julian – Taken From the Heart

Our connection to our homes and to the people in our lives profoundly defines us. We form meaningful attachments to favorite possessions, and to artifacts of personal history and ritual.

Photographs and text by David Julian

If these connections are suddenly lost or broken, we are changed forever. Just as a human face evokes the spectrum of emotions, I also believe that objects and dwellings can reveal a soulful presence. To explore the disconnection experienced by hurricane and flood victims evicted from their communities, I made a series of unpopulated object portraits.

I did not intend to describe the enormity of their loss, but rather the wrenching subtlety of it. The once-whole personalities brought into relief by the decomposing details that remained. These photographs record what was stripped from their lives and taken from their hearts. My hope is that these images cause reflection on what is important and personally meaningful, and to strengthen our bonds to what we never want to lose.

David Julian creates images about nature, psychology, science and spirituality for clients, galleries, institutions and collectors. He teaches Photography, Creativity and Invention at the University of Washington and leads workshops at major destinations. His publication credits include dozens of arts magazines, books and online arts blogs. With a first solo show at age 21 at Nikon House, Dave has selectively exhibited in the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Portugal, Amsterdam and Japan. This work, “Taken From the Heart” is his documentary of four days of exploration in southern Louisiana soon after Hurricane Katrina. This series will be exhibited November 2014 at The Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, CA

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