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Danielle Villasana – A Light Inside

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In Peru, a country with a highly machismo, conservative, religious and transphobic culture, transgender women are extremely marginalized and discriminated against in society. Persecution begins early, causing them to abandon their families and studies. With few options or economic support, many practice prostitution. As a result, many live in compromised conditions throughout their lives with limited opportunities for social security, higher education or employment outside the streets. With few avenues for upward mobility, they are sequestered in hostile environments characterized by rejection, fear and exploitation. As sex workers, they’re at greater risk of violence and abuse, and are less able to protect their health. In fact, eighty percent of trans homicides worldwide occur in Latin America. Without legal protections or recognition, many cases of violence and death in Peru go undocumented, leaving these human rights violations invisible.

Danielle Villasana is a documentary photographer whose personal projects focus on gender, identity, social politics and health. She is currently a member of the Emerging Talent Roster at Getty Images Reportage.

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