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The COVID-19 Visual Project

Cortona On the move - Workshopx Calendar The Most Important Documentary Photography Contests Grants Awards And Open CallsThe COVID-19 Visual Project ( is a multimedia platform that aspires to become a permanent archive of the coronavirus pandemic. It is an ongoing repository that will host a variety of contents documenting the global events and widespread emotions defining this unique moment in history. Cortona On The Move, international festival of visual narrative, is collecting projects on relevant themes related to the crisis: the health emergency, the economic backlash, social struggles and personal consequences. Our ultimate goal is to create a stable space to gather meaningful visual material we can return to in an attempt to understand what happened, how and why; and to remember a time when humanity as a whole was forced to press ‘pause’, together. The COVID-19 Visual Project will represent a collective historical memory that might help us not to forget this time of distance we all had to experience and endure, each in our own way.

Deadline: Jan 31, 2021
Prize: online permanent archive contribution
Entry: Free

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