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call for stories

Call for Stories - Workshopx Documentary Photography Workshops Photojournalism

Workshopx Stories: an ongoing call for submissions.

We are looking for photographic work to be featured on our website, to help highlight important issues and promote thoughtfulness and quality in visual storytelling.

The idea is simple: we share our website with those who have important stories to tell. Whether it’s a humanitarian or environmental crisis, underreported social issue, personal matters or an artistic statement, we want to help spreading the word.

Proposed entries should be consistent series able to produce a complete visual story. This doesn’t mean finished photography projects only. Works in progress and unorthodox personal visions are eligible too. We’re open to all kinds of subjects. The main criteria are the quality of the photographs, credibility of the topic and complexity of your approach.

Accepted entries will be published on our website and actively advertised among our reader base and social media channels.

To share your project or photo-essay with us, please send it to: The submission should be a zip file or a direct link to an on-line gallery. Please provide a text description and your bio. In the e-mail subject please state “call for stories submission”. By submitting you agree that Workshopx may use your credited photographs for promotion of your work within its network.

There is no deadline. You can submit at any time.

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