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call for stories

We are looking for photographic stories to be published on our website. To help highlight issues that matter and promote thoughtfulness and quality in visual storytelling.

This should be consistent series that are able to produce a complete visual story. This doesn’t mean finished documentary photography projects only. Also works in progress and personal visions may be eligible. We’re open to all kinds of subjects. The main criteria are the quality of the photographs and complexity of your approach.

In exchange for your images and words, we will carefully edit and publish them on our website with a link to your website, and then actively advertise the article among our readers and within the reach of our social media channels.

To share your project or photo-essay with us, please send it to: The submission should be a zip file containing up to 30 images 1000 px wide (or high) or a direct link to an equivalent on-line collection. Don’t forget to provide a text description and your bio. In the message subject please state “call for stories submission”.