The story of night in Istanbul that deals with the dark side of the aftermath of the 2000s in Turkey, where instincts collided with modernism.

A long-term project about juveniles from a reformatory in Studzieniec, Poland, and the idea of “badness” attached to them.

30 years after the world’s worst chemical catastrophe, the suffering, pollution and injustice remain largely undone.

A twenty year long journey in search of understanding the mechanisms allowing a contemporary dictatorship rise, last, and fall.

An intimate portrait of life in one of the Europe’s most biodiverse regions and a quiet homage to the photographer’s native land.

Exploring the semi-invisible, sugary world of rabuhos – the love hotels of Japan.

Project questioning the notion of ‘progress’ imposed on local urban and industrial development plans.

“The color photographs close the distance between past and present and may challenge some viewers’ longheld perceptions.”

A photo-fairytale from Yakutsia. Based on memories of childhood, family, places, smells and sensations.

A grapple with the complexities of motherhood and the turbulent environments around.

Transgender women marginalized and discriminated in Peru.

Photographer revives a family history and embarks on a 2,200 km solitary journey from Russia to Poland.