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The project tells the story of a community living on the edge and at the periphery of the mainstream society in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia.

These people are not the ones sleeping and begging directly in the streets, they have found their humble places to live in. Most of the time, they stay in simple abandoned shelters or cottages. The second option is to sleep in the cheap social dormitories. You can meet literally all types of people among them, ranging from drug addicts to former psychiatric patients, criminals or even ex-university teachers. Like in any other community, relationships are diverse but most of the time very direct, honest but brutal as well. Violence in relationships is present and badly beaten women is not a rare view. However my personal experience is mostly positive and I can say that I have found new friends there.

This is my first long-term project started about a year ago. There´s still a lot to be covered. After a year I started to understand the rules and principles of this world and become accepted.

Peter DobisI am 31 years old emerging self-taught photographer based in Bratislava, capital city of Slovakia. I work in black and white and  focus on social issues and communities in the periphery of the mainstream society. My photographic vision was formed by Matus Zajac, one of the best Slovak documentary photographers.

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