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Maurin Bisig – Trotsky (Patrick Zachmann workshop in Krakow)

© Maurin Bisig

Maurin came to join our workshop with Patrick Zachmann in Krakow from Switzerland. For an assignment he picked a story of “Trotsky”, who is a mysterious eccentric known to the external world only by his nickname and his guitar and singing performances at the Krakow’s Main Square. After some investigation, Maurin found out that “Trotsky” is a former commercial TV channel star who at some point of his life decided to undergo a radical change in his lifestyle. He not only moved to a trailer at the city outskirts and gave up all the mainstream society conveniences, but also spent a great effort to eradicate the entire record of his past. He succeeded to such extent that the only thing that remained and connected him to his previous life was an old passport photo he keeps in his wallet…

That week I have learned so much and took so many steps forward that I am still seeing my progress going on. There were so many crucial findings for me. What does it mean to photograph in color? Can you see color? I mean, can you really see it? Do you think you can do good vertical pictures? It’s absolutely more demanding than I thought! Do you have full control over your frame, including the edges? Are you concentrated enough while working at the location? Learning from Patrick Zachmann made me think in a totally new way when I now try to tell a story trough my pictures.

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