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Kazimierz in Transition 2 – Workshop with Patrick Zachmann

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This summer, in Krakow, Poland, Magnum photographer Patrick Zachmann will lead a documentary photography workshop for photographers seeking improvement in aesthetic, documentary and visual storytelling skills. We’ll be working in Kazimierz, a special district of the city that is undergoing a range of social changes and rediscovering its complicated past.

During the workshop you will work on a chosen aspect of life in Kazimierz while attending daily editing and critique sessions with Patrick Zachmann and workshopx editors. A local assistant, assigned directly to you, will help you communicate and navigate through the city. Starting our work in advance of your arrival, we’ll help you choose a subject for your workshop assignment that best suits your fields of interests and your needs.

After the 6 days of intensive shooting, on-the-ground researching, editing and discussing photography, you will be much more aware of your personal vision and style and well-equipped for your future work as a documentary storyteller.


Date: 29 Jun – 4 Jul 2016 (6 days)
Number of participants: 6 – 12

The venue of the workshop will be Ogniwo co-op & community center at Paulińska Street.

To book the workshop, please read the APPLY section and contact us:

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A photographer since 1976 and member of Magnum Photos since 1990, Patrick Zachmann has dedicated himself to long-term reportages that bring to light the complex identities and cultures of social groups and communities in various countries.

After documenting the Naples police and mafia (published in book form: Madonna!, 1983) and exploring the lives of immigrant teenagers in the north of Marseilles, Patrick focused on French Jews. These images functioned as a mirror for questions on his own family story and roots – things which had been hidden from him. After a seven-year-long quest for his own identity and truth he published his second book: Inquest of identity; A French Jew in search of his memory (1987), which was awarded the prestigious Prix Niépce in 1989.
During the next six years, Zachmann pursued an in-depth work on the Chinese diaspora in different parts of the world. This resulted in the publication of W. or the eye of a long-nose in 1995, which was roundly hailed by critics. The book was accompanied by an exhibition that traveled to ten countries in Asia and Europe.

Between 1996 and 1998, Patrick Zachmann directed the short film The memory of my father, followed by his first feature-length film Back and Forth. Diary of a photographer, which is about the disappearance of traces of memory, especially in Chile. In 2006, Zachmann started working on a new project in China titled Chinese Confusions, almost simultaneously while exploring the topics of immigration and life in the suburbs of France. In recent years, Patrick Zachmann has been working on a project covering illegal immigration from Africa to Europe, which has already resulted in a book and a movie: Mare Mater.

In December 2015 Patrick received a grant from Foundation Gan for production of Mister Wu, a feature film that will be a free adaptation of his photo book W. or the eye of a long-nose. In April 2016 Patrick Zachmann released a book, titled So Long, China, that sums up over thirty years of his documentary work focused on that country. A massive exhibition of the same title has been opened in the European Centre of Photography (MEP) in Paris.

For more information, see Patrick’s Magnum Photos profile.



Our approach

The workshop is designed for photographers interested in developing their documentary and storytelling skills as well as personal style and vision. To achieve these goals, you will work under guidance of the leading photographer Patrick Zachmann and workshopx editors.

You should have a good understanding of the photographic process and arrive with working knowledge of your equipment and ready to shoot. The workshop is limited to digital cameras – during the critique and photo editing sessions we will use electronic equipment only. Having your own laptop is required. You should be able to shoot RAW and export the files to a portable device on your own.

During the 6 days in Krakow you will cover a chosen real-life story, combining intensive individual shooting with extensive daily editing and critique sessions. You will also attend Patrick Zachmann’s lectures on his own work, photography and problems regarding the shooting process. A local assistant, assigned especially to you, will help you navigate and communicate within the city every shooting day.

Your story

Your workshop assignment should be a story that is both fitting your skills level and exciting for you.

We will begin the process of deciding on your assignment for the workshop after your participation has been confirmed. We encourage you to do your own research and consult with us on the subject of the story you would like to work on in the Kazimierz district and/or its immediate surroundings. We can also accept a project that takes place in other parts of Krakow.
If you do not have your own story in mind, we will ask you to detail your fields of interest in order to find a story that would suit you best. Once the subject has been set, we will begin developing the logistics.


After the precise aims of your assignment have been established – its subject matter, details, goals and methodology – you will be paired with a local assistant who will help you commute and explore within the city. If there is no need for an assistant or if you prefer to work alone, you will be provided with all necessary information at our daily meetings.

After the first day’s workshop meeting, you will be ready to go shooting.

A glimpse of what happened during the previous Kazimierz in Transition workshop (2014)

Over the following days you will work individually (alone or with an assistant) in the field, photographing and gathering the information necessary to develop your story. You will also meet the tutor and the editors on a daily basis in the editing space at appointments that will be set according to the workshop’s schedule.

During the editing sessions we will go through your photographs and discuss them extensively. This is when most of the learning happens – in a process in which you will gradually discover your personal style and vision, clarify your message and build the plot of your story.

To maximise your time spent with Patrick Zachmann, before joining him for the daily critique sessions, you will first meet the workshopx editors who will help you select the given number of images for the main session with the master.

In the final editing meeting you will edit your photographs with Patrick Zachmann into a coherent visual narrative. From the first day we will encourage you to produce as complete story as possible – but that will not be the only measure of your progress. Whatever the result of your final edit is, your primary goal will be going through and understanding the whole process behind building a successful documentary work. Besides doing the final edit, the last day of the workshop will be for summing up all you have learned, discussing the possible uses of your story and your future plans.

At the final stage of the workshop we will print selected photographs taken by the participants with the assistance of a professional photo lab staff. The prints will be presented at a “pop-up” exhibition during our goodbye meeting.

General schedule

Kazimierz workshop - timetable

Please note that this schedule is prepared for the maximum number of participants (12). If there’s less students during the workshop, the schedule may be adjusted accordingly. The exact schedule will be e-mailed to the confirmed participants.


Application is made by e-mail: Please include: full name, billing address, phone number and link to personal website (body of work) of the applicant. If you don’t have a website, please attach a zip file with 12-20 photographs (800px wide jpg images) and a personal statement. Applicants will be selected on the quality of their portfolio and a first-come, first-served basis.

The workshop is limited to 12 participants.

The workshopx will be fully confirmed to happen when we reach the minimum number of 6 participants. This will be announced not later than on 16 May 2016. Please consider paying your bookings (flights, accommodation, etc.) after the workshop is fully confirmed.

IMPORTANT: By applying to the workshop you agree to the workshop regulations.