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Individual photography workshop with Alex Masi


Learn how to tell powerful stories that can influence the world around you. Under the individual guidance of the experienced photojournalist.

Finding purpose inside oneself, and using documentary photography to express that personal purpose, is the key to produce touching, emotional pictures that will go straight to the viewers’ hearts and minds. It is also a way of externalising the feelings each of us keeps inside, allowing others to learn about ourselves and our subjects through our pictures rather than our words.

I practice and teach documentary photography because I believe it to be an essential channel to connect large audiences with people facing challenges far away from our immediate surroundings and personal experiences and a strong catalyst for a slow but steady change in people’s ideas, behaviour and policy-making. Alex Masi

This one-to-one workshop is designed for photographers who want to improve or start their experience in documentary photography, photojournalism and visual storytelling. During the six days in London you will cover your chosen subject, combining intensive individual shooting in the city with daily editing and critique sessions with Alex Masi in his home studio.


Place: London, UK
Duration: 6 days
Date: flexible
Tuition: 1600 EUR (special offer extended until 23 July)
individual workshop


Alex Masi is a documentary photographer and multimedia journalist based in London, UK.

His work has appeared in numerous international publications, including National Geographic, The New York Times, Newsweek, Foreign Policy and The Guardian.

Alex dedicated his entire career to reporting social and environmental injustice, with special concern on issues where children’s rights are or might be violated. He covered such stories in Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria and the US. In 2009 he started working on a long term project investigating the extended aftermath of the world’s worst chemical disaster – the Bhopal gas leak that occurred in 1984 in India. For helping exposing the problem, he was given the FotoEvidence Award and a hard cover book, titled Bhopal Second Disaster was published in 2012. This work was also supported by the Getty Images Grant for Good in 2011. Alex continued covering the issue until 2015, when his reportage received a collection of awards, including Special Jury Prize of the Days Japan International Photojournalism Awards.

In Bhopal Alex started a parallel project, titled Poonam’s Tale of Hope, that was initiated by a particular photograph of a then six years old child of a family living in the area severely affected by the Bhopal disaster. This image of Poonam, a girl born “unlucky”, with a sixth toe on her left foot, and believed by her parents to bring misfortune to their lives, was noticed by The Photographers Giving Back Awards committee in 2012 and Alex was granted 5000 USD to implement a plan benefiting the girl and her family. He not only did complete the plan, what resulted with Poonam’s parents starting a successful small-business, but also continued documenting the personal development of the girl and kept raising funds for education of her and her sister Jyoti. The girls have already entered high school and both plan further education.

For his effort in battling social injustice through photography, Alex was awarded the prestigious Italian Premio Anima per la Fotografia prize in 2016.


The main goal of the workshop is to give you an opportunity to work in real-life conditions with enough time to complete a thoughtful photographic assignment and therefore gain an in-depth insight into the documentary photography process. The guidance of Alex Masi will ensure the right direction of your development.

You will begin discussing your assignment with Alex after your participation has been confirmed, ahead of time of the workshop. You will propose your own researched subject. This should be a story that is accessible, appropriate to your skills and exciting for you. In following e-mail conversation, Alex will comment on particular goals you should achieve and the final shape of your assignment.

During the six workshop days you will photograph on your own, developing your assignment story according to Alex’s directions. This combination of intensive practice and live mentoring is the core of the learning process. You will meet daily for evaluation and editing at Alex’s home studio which is located near the Willesden Green subway station. On selected occasions, Alex will be available to travel with you to locations, evaluate the way you are photographing your subjects, and provide on-hand advice at the time of shooting.

The meetings will be supplemented by discussions and lectures by Alex on his own work, photojournalism, ethics, business and marketing strategies, approach to editors, grants and awards.

Note: This workshop is also available for small groups (up to 3 people), at a lower fee per person. For more information contact us.


Application is made by e-mail: In the message subject please state “Alex Masi workshop”.

Please include: full name, billing address and a link to your personal website (body of work). If you don’t have a website, please attach a zip file with 12-20 photographs (1000px wide jpg images) and a personal statement. The application should also contain a proposed date of the workshop.

Applicants will be accepted on the basis of the quality of their portfolios.

By applying you agree to the workshop regulations.