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France Leclerc – Tamara (Krakow Unseen, July 2016)

© France Leclerc

France Leclerc, an American travel photographer interested also in social issues, joined our individual Krakow Unseen workshop in July 2016. While planning her assignment, she decided to explore issues related to women and religion. This is how we met Tamara, an Ukrainian Muslim girl living in Krakow, who kindly agreed to open her door to a then stranger-photographer…

It was a unique (challenging and humbling) learning experience. While you spend half your time making images on your own, the other half is used to select the best images out of the many contenders taken the previous day. For me this was the most educational part of the program. We had lengthy, intense discussions about what makes a good strong meaningful image, particularly in the context of telling a story. I really feel that my skills on that crucial front were substantially upgraded by this workshop.

Our individual workshops are available in London, Bangkok, Istanbul and Tbilisi.