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Christelle Flisch – Armani (Patrick Zachmann workshop in Krakow)

© Christelle Flisch

This short story was made by Christelle Flisch during our latest workshop with Patrick Zachmann in Krakow. Christelle decided to follow Tomek, or “Armani” for his friends, who is a very colorful character and a person of many talents from the Kazimierz district. It was a particular workshop assignment and a brave decision both for Christelle and Tomek as they decided to work together despite Armani’s struggle with unexpected life problems. In result, Christelle was granted a rare welcome into her subject’s intimacy and emotions.

I highly recommend the workshop! From the beginning to the end it was very well orchestrated and the whole experience has been very enriching in many aspects. Being interested in story telling, I have been challenged and very well supported during the entire workshop. It has also been a fantastic human experience where I have met wonderful people. Particularly my subject Armani who is a lovely person and I am very thankful as it as not been easy for him to unveil his life and emotions!
Christelle Flish

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