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Callie Eh – Damian (Krakow Unseen, June 2016)

© Callie Eh

When Callie Eh, a beginning photographer from Malaysia, joined us for an individual workshop in Krakow in early June 2016, she got fascinated with local barbershops. They reminded her of home. Just while in her native town it’s a fading industry of old men, she found barbershops in Krakow a booming business fueled by the young and hip. Such contrast triggered her curiosity and impatience to learn more. Investigating the subject further, she met Damian, a skilled and passionate barber, whom she followed for the course of the workshop.

It was a fantastic, unforgettable experience, although an extremely intense one. I learned more than I expected – not only the new skills and the knowledge about documentary photography but especially how to approach people, what for me is the biggest step towards becoming a true documentary photographer.

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