The Melbourne Doc Fest – Documentary Photography Award

The Melbourne Doc Fest - Documentary Photography Award– Workshopx Calendar The Most Important Documentary Photography Contests Grants Awards And Open Calls“The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival aims to feature the freshest and most innovative documentaries from around the world, from short docs right through to feature length, award winning films. the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival looks to promote the best quality independent documentaries cinema has to offer. The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival team looks forward to bringing you a diverse, challenging slate of documentaries that will entertain, educate and inform, providing our audience with a memorable, world class festival experience. The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is also one of the only film festivals in Australasia that provides feedback on submissions. The feedback is simple, straight forward and constructive (like a review) and gives you an insight into what the curators actually thought of your documentary. Early bird deadline Dec 31, 2017. More information you will find on the right side of the Melbourne Doc website”

Deadline: Apr 15, 2018
Prize: Up to $1,000
Entry: up to $40

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